Attention Deficit-Hyperactive Disorder meets the classic anthropomorphic Bantu tale and they have a baby.  That's the short of it. Ouwangalaymah! The "Tail" of the Name of the Tree is a "Disnyesque" take on the clasic african folk tale.

It's a tale that begins when everyone forgets; the name of the tree that is.

Yofti, a young ringtail Lemur deals with issues that arise from his impetuous, hyperactive nature. Forced to face the consequences of his actions,  he winds up saving the day with a little help from his friend, a rather persistent Tortoise, an Eagle, and a wise (ass) one who lives beyond the dark forest, across the burning desert sands, and way up on the steep high mountain. You'll laugh, you'll cry,  and in the end, you will probably forget just like everyone else has. The name of the tree I mean.      

Ouwangalaymah! The"Tail" of the Name of the Tree

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